Course Title : Rock Engineering

Code 35290
Course Year 3rd year
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Tuesday・2
Location kyotsu2
Credits 2
Restriction This class is intended mainly for students of the International Course.
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor K. Kishida,Pipatpongsa Thirapong,

Course Description

Unlike soil, rock is strong and hard materials consisting of solid aggregates of various minerals. Still, rock mass is different from concrete because it is not merely a mixture of materials binding together but it has undergone geological proces and formed structural discontinuities. Therefore, strength of rock mass is controlled by planes of weakness and extents of fractures. Moreover, water can have impact on rocks, not by breaking rock into pieces, but rather breaking rock into blocks through permeable discontinuities. Design and construction technology of rock structures (such as tunnel, rock slope, dam), geology, mechanical properties of rock and rock fracture, laboratory tests and field measurements of rock and rock mass are introduced in this lecture.


Mid-term exam (35%), Final exam (40%), report and classworks (25%)

Course Goals

This lecture aims to provide basic understanding of engineering properties of rock and rock masses for applications in both civil engineering works and mining operations. Design exercise of rock structure is also introduced.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction 1 Introduction to rock engineering, geological structure and discontinuities, and discontinuity characterization
Strength characteristics 4 Deformability and compressive strength, fractures and tensile strength, and experiments and failure criteria of rock
Hydraulics in rocks 2 Hydro-mechanical behaviors in rock, and groundwater flow in fractures rock
In-situ investigation 3 Subsurface stresses and field tests, and geological survey and rock classification
Engineering applications 3 Engineering applications to slope and tunneling
Practice 1 Practice of previously studied subjects
Class feedback 1 Confirmation of understanding



“Introduction to Rock Mechanics”, R.E. Goodman, John Wiley & Sons
“Engineering Rock Mechanics”, J.A. Hudson and J.P. Harrison, Pergamon
“Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics”, J.C. Jaeger, N.G.W. Cook and R.W. Zimmerman, Blackwell Publishing
“Rock Mechanics”, Society of Materials Science, Japan (in Japanese)


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Additional Information

Assoc.Prof. Kiyoshi KISHIDA
Office: Department of Urban Management, C1-3-265
Assoc.Prof. Thirapong PIPATPONGSA
Office: Department of Urban Management, C1-2-236