Course Title : Global Leadership Seminar II

Code 25010
Course Year 2nd year or higher
Term FY2018, 2nd semester, intensive
Class day & Period Intensive course
Location Announced elsewhere
Credits 1
Restriction Restricion in number to around 20 selected students
Lecture Form(s) Lecture and excercise
Instructor Faculty of Engineering, J. Assoc. Prof., Yoshinori Tanaka
Faculty of Engineering, J. Assoc. Prof., Ryuichi Ashida
Faculty of Engineering, J. Assoc. Prof., Aiko Takatori
Faculty of Engineering, J. Assoc. Prof., Tadao Mizuno
Faculty of Engineering, J. Assoc. Prof., Ryosuke Matsumoto
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Course Description

This course is a small-group workshop program where students are supposed to extract or set up challenges by themselves aiming at creating new social values. In concrete, abilities of planning and problem-solving are trained through group works in residential training and skills of presentation and communication are enhanced through oral presentations regarding contents of the proposal at each step of the process from a preliminary draft to its completion.


It is required to join the residential training. A report meeting is held and comprehensive evaluation concerning abilities in group discussion to extract or set up challenges and to propose solutions for achieving a goal is made through presentation of the proposal as well as a submitted report.

Course Goals

Ability of planning, from extraction or setting up challenges to proposal of solutions aiming at creating new social values, is trained through group works.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Orientation 1 A brief overview and a schedule of the course are explained and working groups are organized.
Lectures 2 Lectures by experts are given.
Group works 3 Setting up challenges, extraction of problems, collecting information, and group works are done.
Residential training 7 Through intensive group works based on discussion, a proposal for solving problems is planned, a draft report is made, and a few presentations are made.
Preliminary review meeting 1 A preliminary review meeting is held and discussions are made.
Report meeting 1 Final presentations are made and reports are submitted.


Will be indicated as necessary.


Will be indicated as necessary.


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Additional Information

Course open period: October to January
How to register the course will be instructed.
*It depends on divisions which students belong to whether the earned credits are admitted as credits required for graduation. Please refer to the syllabus of your division.