Course Title : Logic Circuits

Code 60120
Course Year 2nd year
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Hidetoshi ONODERA

Course Description

This lecture covers analysis and design of logic circuits that form a basis of digital circuits such as processors. First, Boolean algebra, logic function and its minimization are explained. Then, analysis and design of combinational and sequential circuits are covered. Finally, arithmetic circuits for binary numbers are discussed.


The level of achievement toward the goal of this lecture will be examined by a regular exam.

Course Goals

To obtain basic knowledge that enables the analysis and design of small-scale logic circuits both for combinational and sequential operations

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Basics of logic functions 2 Digital circuits and logic circus, number systems, Boolean algebra, logic functions, and logical expressions are covered.
Logic minimization 4 Methods for logic minimization using Boolean cubes and Karnaugh maps, Quine-McCluskey method, properties of logic functions are explained.
Combinational circuit 2 Logic gates, analysis and design of combinatorial circuits, representative combinational circuits are discussed.
Sequential circuit 5 Operation and expression of sequential circuits, organization and operation of flip-flops, analysis and design of sequential circuits, synchronous counters and registers are explained.
Arithmetic circuit 1 The effect of delay and hazard in logic circuits are explained. Methods for binary addition and subtraction, organization and operation of binary adders are discussed.
Confirmation of understanding 1 The level of understanding on this lecture will be confirmed.


Naofumi Takagi, Logic Circuits, Ohmsha.


Teruhiko Yamada, Theory of Logic Circuits, Morikita Publishing .
Keikichi Tamaru, Basics of Logic Circuits, Kougaku-Tosho .


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