Course Title : Vacuum Electronic Engineering 2

Code 60550
Course Year 4th year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Instructor Gikan Takaoka, Yasuhito Gotoh

Course Description

Operational principles of electron and ion beam devices are given. First, microwave tubes which utilize the interaction between electron beam and electromagnetic wave are described. Next, Devices, processing systems, and aparatus for analysis which utilize interaction between electron beam and solids are described. Finally, those which utilize interaction between ion beam and solids are given.


Grading will be done with the result of the term-end examination.

Course Goals

The course goal is to understand the principle of electron/ion beam devices.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
General concepts of charged particle systems 1 Explanation on the nature of the charged particle beams is made, and then current status of the application of charged particle beams is presented.
Microwave tubes 5 After briefly giving the explanation of micro-vacuum tubes, operational principles of microwave tubes that utilize density modulation of electron beam; klystron, traveling wave tube, magnetron, gyrotron.
Operational principles of electron beam devices 4 After giving operational principles of electron beam devices, mechanisms of deposition, welding, curing, exposure, analysis with electron beams are presented.
Operational principles of ion beam devices 4 Operational principles of ion implantor, ion beam etching system, ion beam deposition system, and system for ion beam analysis are given.
Feedback 1 Answer the questions on the contents of the lecture and problems given at exam will be made.


Zyunzo Ishikawa, Science and Technology of Charged Particle Beams, CORONA PUBLISHING CO. LTD. (2001)



Vacuum Electronic Engineering 1

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