Course Title : Exercise of Computer Programming in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Code 60620
Course Year 2nd year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Seminar
Instructor Takashi Mastuyama, Sadao Kurohashi, Megumi Nakao, Shohei Nobuhara

Course Description

This course is aimed at learning programming in C, one of the most popular procedural programming languages in practice. The topics include: fundamental concept of programming, various data structures and control flows, practical skills on using compilers and debuggers.


(1) weekly reports, (2) a final project, and (3) an interview on the final project.

Course Goals

To understand the fundamental concept of programming, data structures, and control flows as well as to learn practical skills on using compilers and debuggers.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction 1 Introduction of the importance and contributions of computer programming, followed by some instructions on weekly reports and a final project.
Prerequisites of Programming 3 Usages of C compilers and debuggers. Basic knowledge in C such as operators, data types and their representations inside the computer, control flows.
Basic Programming 4 Arrays, multi-dimensional arrays, functions, scopes, bit-operations, recursive calls.
Advanced Programming 3 Strings in C and their representations inside the computer, pointers, structures, file I/Os.
Final Project 4 A final project of this year.


Bohyoh Shibata: "Meikai C Gengo Nyuumon-hen (in Japanese)" (Softbank Creative)


Chinese version (9789862010426) and Korean version (9788991767447) of the textbook are available.


"Information Processing Basics" and "Exercises in Information Processing Basics" (basic skills on using UNIX-like systems)

Web Sites


Additional Information

You can use your own laptop PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) for weekly reports and the final project. Please bring your laptop PC at the 1st week of the course. TAs will help you to setup programming environment and wifi connection.

Plus, please consider installing Cygwin environment by following the instruction at (id: member, pass: cpro) before the 1st week of the course by yourself. This will make the setup process in the 1st week much quicker.