Course Title : Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Code 60740
Course Year 1st year
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s)
Instructor All

Course Description

By understanding the activities conducted in the laboratories that belong to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Course, the students learn what is the electrical and electronic engineering. Except a few times in the beginning of this course, the students will investigate the activities in the lab and have a presentation of their investigations. The students are expected to deeply understand the activities by actively investigating them by themselves and by explaining the results to other students. The students are also expected to make acquaintance with teachers and senior students (in the final year, and in master or PhD course) in the lab, and to recognize that it is essential to understand the contents lectured in the basic courses that they will learn in the first and second year, thorough the investigation of the lab and special lectures. The class will be usually conducted every two weeks and continue for two lecture-units in each lecture day. The class number of times in the table below shows the number of the lecture days.


The grading is conducted by evaluation of various points, including the attendances at the lectures, the visit to the laboratories, and the presentation; the scores of the report; the score of the presentation.

Course Goals

The goal of this lecture is that the students view how he or she will develop the field of the electric and electronic engineering and simultaneously how they develop their faculties in the field. For this purpose, the students will make teams, and each team will investigate the activity of a laboratory that belong to the Electric and Electronic Engineering Course. The teams cover all of the labs, and the students will share the results of their investigations through the presentation. Then, they will acquire an overview of the field of the electric and electronic engineering.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Overview 2 A overview of the education that will be provided in the Electric and Electronic Engineering Course is lectured. After an introduction of how to proceed this course, the teams for investigation of each laboratory are announced.
Visiting of laboratories 2 Each team visits the assigned laboratory that belongs to the Electric and Electronic Engineering Course, and investigates the activities in the lab.
Preparation of presentation 2 The students prepare a poster presentation to introduce the activities in the laboratory that they visit and investigate.
Presentation 1 Each team performs a poster presentation. The students learn the activities in the laboratories that belong to the Electric and Electronic Engineering Course from the poster presentations of the other teams.


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Additional Information

There is a possibility that some parts of the lectures would be removed or some new lectures would be additionally included, according to the total class number of times.