Course Title : Engineering Ethics

Code 21050
Course Year 4th year
Term 2017 first semester
Class day & Period Thu 3rd
Location Research Bldg. No.8, 3F, NS Hall
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
Graduate School of Energy Science, Professor, Toshihiko HOSHIDE
Graduate School of Engineering, Professor, Makoto OHSAKI
Graduate School of Engineering, Junior Associate Professor, Ryosuke MATSUMOTO

Course Description

Modern ethics based on engineering aspect are becoming essential to present engineers and scientists. Instructors from various faculties give lectures about ethics in their research fields.


Class participation and reports.

Course Goals

The goal of this class is to understand engineering ethics, and to develop the ability to judge by yourself when you encounter ethical issues.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Ethics for technologists(4/13) 1
Manufacturing and ethics(4/20) 1
Engineering ethics as applied ethics (4/27) 1
Basic theory of ethics associated with engineering ethics (5/11) 1
Ethics for news reports(5/18) 1
Ethics for engineers and scientists(5/25) 1
Ethics for architectural engineers(6/1) 1
Patents and ethics (1/2)(6/8) 1
Patents and ethics (2/2) (6/15) 1
Ethics in chemistry and molecular biology(6/22) 1
Ethics and problems involved in public works tender (6/29) 1
Ethics for advanced science(7/6) 1
Ethics in biotechnology (7/13) 1
Design of technologies intended for living creatures and society I (7/20) 1
Design of technologies intended for living creatures and society II (7/27) 1


Lecture materials will be distributed.


林真理 ・宮澤健二 他著「技術者の倫理」(改訂版), コロナ社(2015)
川下智幸・下野次男 他著「技術者倫理の世界」(第3版), 森北出版(2013)


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