Course Title : Engineering and Economy(in English)

Code 22210
Course Year 2nd year and above
Term 2017 first semester
Class day & Period Tuesdays 5th-6th
Location 工学部総合校舎111講義室
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s)
Language English
Instructor ,

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to teach economy from an engineer viewpoint. The course especially contains such economic topics which engineer can use to solve practical engineering economy problems. The course is consisted of lectures and additional exercises, of which the student should complete five (5) written short reports and five (5) 60 minutes laboratory session attendances. The laboratory sessions are held weekly after the lecture, and consist of interactive group work tasks. Laboratory sessions are held weekly from 18 to 19 o’clock.// The course is aimed for both Japanese and Foreign nationals.// The course starts on April 11th.


Test, reports, laboratory performance.

Course Goals

This course will provide tasks for engineering students to be able to understand relationships between engineering and engineering economy. Students will learn solving economic problems related to engineering project at various levels. The course also prepares the students to write engineering related economic topics in English as well as verbally express themselves of these subjects.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Student orientation, Introduction to engineering economy 1 Course introduction; Principles of engineering economy
Cost concept 1 Cost terminology; Competition; Total revenue function; Breakeven point
Design economics 1 Cost-driven design; Making vs. purchasing; Trade-offs
Cost estimation techniques I 1 Integrated approach and WBS; Index, unit, and factor techniques
Cost estimation techniques II 1 Parametric estimating; Power-sizing technique; Learning curve; Cost estimation, bottom-up, top-down, target costing
The time value of money I 1 Simple interest; Compound interest; Equivalence concept;Cash-flow digrams
The time value of money II 1 Present and future equivalent values of single cash flows
The time value of money III 1 Uniform series cash flows; Deferred annuities; Uniform gradient cash flows; Nominal and effective interest rates
Evaluation of a single project I 1 Determining minimum attractive rate of return (MARR); The present worth method; Bond value; Capitalized-worth method
Evaluation of a single project II 1 The future worth method; The annual worth method; The internal rate of return method; The external rate of return method
Comparison and selection among alternatives I 1 Basic concepts; The study (analysis) period; Useful lives are equal to the study period
Comparison and selection among alternatives II 1 Useful lives are unequal to the study period; Repeatability; Cotermination; The imputed market value technique
Income taxes and depreciation 1 Concepts and terminology; Depreciation; Straight-line method; Declining-balance method; Income taxes; Marginal tax; Gain or loss on the disposal of an asset; After-tax economic analysis
Final test 1 The test is based on the above topics


Sullivan, Wicks, Koelling; Engineering Economy, 15th Ed. 2012 , Chapters 1-7.



   -Interactive lessons (discussion), Small group working method
   -This course is held in English.

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