Course Title : Process Systems Engineering

Code 70710
Course Year 3rd year
Term 2018・2nd semester
Class day & Period Thursday・2nd Period
Location W301
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Graduate School of Engineering, Professor Shinji Hasebe, Assistant Professor, Osamu Tonomura

Course Description

The chemical processes consist of various unit operations. In this course, the concepts and the methods of optimal synthesis,optimal design and production management are described. The mathematical methods for optimization are also explained.


Homework assigned in the lectures is treated as 30 points, and the final examination is treated as 70 points of the total score.

Course Goals

This course aims to understand the systematic modelling procedures of the design and operational problems for chemical processes. In addition, it is requested to understand the optimization methods for solving the problems which are formulated as the linear, non-linear or combinatorial programming problem.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
What is PSE? 1 The concept of process systems engineering is explained.
Modelling of the processes -physical model 1 The feature of physical models used in the process design and operation problems is explained.
Modelling of the processes - statistical model 1 The least square method used in constructing the statistical model is explained.
Procedure of process design 1 The procedure of process design and the solution method using input and output model are explained.
Process design using simulation 1 The sequential modular approach which is commonly used in the process simulators is explained.
Process synthesis 1 The combinatorial programming method and multi-step heuristic method which are used in the conceptual design are explained.
Heat exchanger network synthesis 2 A systematic synthesis method using T-Q diagram is explained for the heat exchanger network synthesis problem.
Production management of chemical processes 1 The concept of production management including supply chain problem is explained.
Solution procedure using LP 2 The formulation of the production planning problem as a linear programming problem, and its solution method using the simplex method are explained.
Scheduling problem and B&B method The formulation of the scheduling problem of batch processes as a traveling salesman problem and its solution procedure using the branch and bound method are explained.
Various scheduling problems of batch processes 1 Various scheduling problems which arise in batch processes and their solution methods are explained.
Evaluation of learning achievement The comprehensive review is executed, and the misunderstanding of the homework is explained.


Lecture materials are distributed in the class.



The basic knowledge of chemical engineering such as the unit operation and reaction engineering, and that of differential and integral calculus are requested.

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