Course Title : Inorganic Chemistry II (Fundamental Chemistry)

Code 72090
Course Year 3rd year
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
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Course Description

Inorganic Chemistry II is an advanced course after learning Basic Inorganic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry I.
Structures, electronic spectra and reaction mechanism in coordination chemistry of metal complexes and organometallic compounds are lectured.


Grades based on attendance and a final exam.

Course Goals

Understanding of the basis of steric structure, electronic structure, electronic spectra and reaction mechanism in metal complexes and organometallic compounds

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
19. d-Metal complexes: electronic structure and spectra 7
20. Coordination chemistry: reactions of complexes 4
21. d-Metal organometallic chemistry 3
Lecture review 1


Shriver and Atkins Inorganic Chemistry [4th edition, Tokyo Kagakudojin] P.W.Atkins T.L.Overton J.P.Rourke M.T.Weller F.A.Armstrong, (translators) K.Tanaka, K.Hirao, S.Kitagawa



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Additional Information

d-Metal complexes, Electronic spectra, Steric structure and reaction mechanism of coordination compounds, Organometallic compounds