Course Title : Chemical Process Engineering Laboratory I(Chemical Engineering)

Code 73120
Course Year 3rd year
Class day & Period
Credits 5
Lecture Form(s) Exercise
Language Japanese
Instructor Teaching staff in department of chemical engineering,

Course Description

Experimental training on chemical analyses (gravimetric analysis, titration analysis) and fundamentals of chemical engineering (physical chemistry, transport phenomena, reaction engineering, etc.)


Attendance, performance in experiments, reports will be evaluated.

Course Goals

This course will enhance students’ understanding of quantitative chemical analysis and chemical engineering.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Fundamentals on chemical analyses 15 training regarding glass tools, electric balance, condensation, filtration, volumetric measurement, titration, etc. Also study tour for Kyoto University Environmental Preservation Research Center is organized to learn waste liquid treatment.
Chemical Engineering I/Physical Chemistry 14 freezing point drop, precise measurement of liquid density and partial molar volume, Liquid-liquid equilibrium, gas-liquid equilibrium, measurement of gas diffusivity, fabrication of pH meter, surface tension and wettability
Chemical Engineering I/Transport Phenomena 4 viscosity and flow dynamics, pressure drop in liquid flow
Chemical Engineering I/Reaction Engineering 4 kinetic analysis in batch reactor, characterization of flow reactor
Chemical Engineering I/Apparatus Setup 2 electric-cooling temperature-controlled batch,


Textbook edited by teaching staff in department of chemical engineering


Bird, Stewart, Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena, 2nd Ed. (Wiley)
Hashimoto and Ogino, Gendai Kagaku Kogaku (Sangyo Tosyo)
Hashimoto, Hanno Kogaku (Baifukan)
Smith, Van Ness, Abbott, Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, 7th Ed.(McGraw Hill)


Fundamentals of Chemical Process Engineering, Physical Chemistry I (Chemical Engineering), Fundamental Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Reaction Engineering I are recommend to take in advance.

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