Course Title : Chemical Process Engineering Laboratory II(Chemical Engineering)

Code 73130
Course Year 3rd year
Class day & Period
Credits 5
Lecture Form(s) Exercise
Language Japanese
Instructor Teaching staff in department of chemical engineering,

Course Description

Experimental training of chemical engineering fundamentals(transport phenomena, separation engineering, reaction engineering, powder technology, process control)


Attendance, performance in experiments, reports will be evaluated.

Course Goals

This course will enhance students’ understanding of chemical engineering, and the students will learn typical operations in the experiments.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Chemical Engineering II/Transport phenomena 9 unsteady state heat transfer, heat transfer with forced flow, mass transport through interface
Chemical Engineering II/Separation Engineering 9 continuous distillation, pressure drop and gas absorption in packed bed tower, cyclone characteristics for particle sizes
Chemical Engineering II/Reaction Engineering and Process Control 9 gas-solid reaction, gas-solid catalytic reaction, , dynamic characteristics in process control


Textbook edited by teaching staff in department of chemical engineering


Bird, Stewart, Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena, 2nd Ed. (Wiley)
Hashimoto and Ogino, Gendai Kagaku Kogaku (Sangyo Tosyo)
Hashimoto, Hanno Kogaku (Baifukan)
Smith, Van Ness, Abbott, Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, 7th Ed.(McGraw Hill)


Physical Chemistry I, II (Chemical Engineering), Fundamental Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena, Chemical Reaction Engineering I, II, Fluid Phase Separation Engineering, Fine Particle Technology, Process Control are recommend to take in advance.

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