Course Title : Structural Mechanics I and Exercises

Code 30080
Course Year 2nd year
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s)
Language Japanese

Course Description

The following topics are covered: external forces exerted on structures; properties of forces; sectional forces; stress; strain and displacement/deformation; cross sectional properties; relationship between stress and strain; computation of displacement; buckling of column. Statically determinate structures are to be focused on.


Grade is given based on the final examination, mid-term examination and reports.

Course Goals

To understand the methods for studying structures at static equilibrium conditions; to understand stress and strain, and the relationship between them; to understand the buckling phenomenon in columns.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction 1 Structures and elements
Purpose and application scope of structural mechanics
Examples related to engineer's ethics
Properties of forces 1 External forces
Modeling of external forces
Force equilibrium conditions
Static determinate, static indeterminate and unstability
Sectional forces 9 Equilibrium of free body
Sectional forces
Sectional forces on differential portion
Axial force
Flexural moment and shear force
Torsion moment
Influence lines
Stress 2 Stress: force per unit area
Stresses and coordinate system
Displacement and deformation 5 Displacement
Curvature and torsional ratio
Sectional properties 2 Geometrical moment of area
Moment of inertia of area
Stress and strain 2 Hooke’s Law
Sectional force and deformation
Sectional modulus
Calculation of displacement 4 Element in tension/compression
Deflection of beam
Deflection of truss
Statically determinate and indeterminate structures
Buckling of column 2 Buckling phenomenon
Euler’s buckling load
Eccentrically compressive column
Confirmation of the attainment level of learning 2 Confirm the attainment level of learning


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