Course Title : Surveying and Field Practice

Code 30400
Course Year 3rd year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s)
Language Japanese
Instructor Tamura, Susaki, Hatayama, Nakamura S., Nakamura Y., Yamaguchi and Yamazaki

Course Description

Lectures and field practice of the surveying are conducted. In the lectures, survey techniques, details on the instruments, adjustment of the errors contaminated in the measured data are introduced. In the field practice, the student will understand the survey procedure using the instruments.


Evaluate considering the scores of the intermediate and final examinations, and the reports and attendance of the field exercise.

Course Goals

The student will understand the background and theory to reduce the errors contaminated in the measured data and to estimate the reliable parameters.
The student will be able to derive the most probable value and standard error using the least square method and the law of error propagation.
The student will understand the purpose of the various kinds of survey.
In the field exercise, the student will acquire the preparedness to plan the survey and the attitude to cooperate with other students for the accomplishment of the survey.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction of survey 1 The purpose, history and content of the surveys are introduce. In addition, the survey applications and the advanced technology of the surveys are also introduced.
Distance and angular measurement 3 Distance and angular measurement, simple and fundamental surveys, are introduced. The student will learn how to set the instrument properly, and the technique to measure the angles using theodolite.
Control survey 8 The survey plan for the control survey is introduced, and the practice of the traverse survey, one of the most traditional control surveys, is conducted.
Leveling 3 The methodology of leveling and the adjustment of the errors are introduced, and the practice is conducted.
Plane survey and topographic survey 4 The methodology of the plane survey and topographic survey is introduced. The features of the topographic map produced through the survey are explained.
Theory of errors 2 The concept of the errors and the law of the error propagation are introduced.
Least square method 3 The concept of the least square method (LSM), popular approach to the processing of the survey data, is introduced. The student will learn how to apply the LSM for the practical application through the exercise.
Error adjustment 4 The methodology to adjust the errors in the traverse survey is introduced, and the student will learn how to obtain the most probable parameters through the exercise.
Photogrammetry 2 The overview of photogrammetry is introduced, and the practice using the instrument is conducted.
GPS survey 3 The theory of GPS and GPS survey are introduced, and the practice of GPS survey is conducted.


Chuji Mori, "Surveying 1: basic" (in Japanese)



Linear Algebras, Mathematical Statistics

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