Course Title : Planning and Management of Social Systems

Code 30440
Course Year 3rd year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Yamori, Yokomatsu

Course Description

The aim of “Planning and Management of Social Systems” is to provide the basic knowledge of infrastructure planning and management. In the first half of the class, the basic concepts and frameworks of typical mathematical models are explained. In the second half, theories in social science that includes social psychology and disaster information science are introduced. Furthermore, objectives and methods of social survey and the action research are instructed.


On the presumption of sufficient attendance, 20% of score is valuated on reports and 80% on examination.

Course Goals

It is targeted to understand roles of infrastructure planning and management, typical models for systems analysis, fundamental viewpoints of social science and methods of social survey.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Guidance, Queuing theory 2 Fundamental structure of queuing system, Formulation and solution of M/M/S system
Marcov model 1 Marcov process, Transition probability matrix, Steady state
Time-series predicting model 1 Serial correlation, Auto-Regressive model, AutoRegressive-Moving Average model
Multivariate analysis 1 Principal component analysis, Quantification theory
Game theory 2 Strategic interdependency, Nash equilibrium, Mixed stratedy, Typical models
Infrastructure planning problem in social science 3 Introduction of social science, Social psychology and group dynamics, Collective decision making on infrastructure planning
Social survey 2 Objective and methods of social survey and the action research, Case examples
Ethnography and content analysis 2 A case study: Historical change of public image of civil engineering
Comprehension test 1 Comprehension test


Systems analysis for Infrastructure planning: phenomenal analysis, Morikita pub. (in Japanese)


Wordmap: Human science for disaster prevention and reduction science, Shinyosha pub. (in Japanese)


Fundamental understanding of probability

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Additional Information

Office-hours are not specified whereas the ways to make contact with teachers are informed in classes.