Course Title : Construction Materials, Laboratory

Code 30860
Course Year 4th year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s)
Language Japanese

Course Description

Experiments on the materials for concrete and concrete member are carried out in the main. Properties of concrete materials and member are discussed by using those experimental results.
Be sure and attend the laboratory with your experimental text book. The schedule and details of the experiment are announced at the initial lecture. Students of this laboratory class have to attend an initial lecture because they are to be divided into some groups.


A report with the experimental results and discussion is assigned in each time. The grading is based on the total point of reports and attendance.

Course Goals

Students of this class practically learn to understand the properties of concrete material and member introduced in 'Construction Materials' and 'Concrete Engineering', and its measurement technique.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction 1 The objective and contents of this laboratory are introduced. The fundamentals of the measuring and testing method are also introduced.
Cement 1 The density, the fineness and the setting time of cement, and the flow of mortar are tested.
Aggregate 1 The density, the water absorption ratio, the grading, unit mass and surface water ratio of fine and coarse aggregate are tested.
Mix proportion design of concrete and fresh concrete 1 Mix proportion of concrete is designed using the results of ‘cement’ and ‘aggregate’. The condition of fresh concrete made by using the designed mix proportion is examined. The test specimens for ‘hardened concrete’ are also cast.
Hardened concrete 2 Some destructive and non-destructive tests are performed in the test specimens cast in ‘fresh concrete’.
Reinforcing steel bar 1 The yield strength, the tensile strength and the elongation are obtained in the reinforcing steel bar for concrete.
Design of reinforced concrete (RC) and prestressed concrete (PC) beam 3 The reinforced concrete (RC) and prestressed concrete (PC) beam are designed.
Casting of RC and PC beam 1 The designed RC and PC beam specimens are cast.
Prestressing 1 The prestress is introduced in PC beam by post tensioning system.
Loading test of RC and PC beam 2 Loading test for RC and PC beam specimens is carried out. The flexural behavior of RC and PC beam is investigated, comparing the experimental loading capacity with the designed one.
Achievement confirmation 1 Achievement of learning is confirmed.


The Society of Materials Science, Japan: Construction Materials Laboratory, 1,600JPY



Members of this class had better take ‘Construction Materials (30240)’ and ‘Concrete Engineering (30250)’ in 3rd year.

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