Course Title : Geophysical Prospecting

Code 31350
Course Year 2nd year
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Hitoshi Mikada, Katsuaki Koike, Tada-nori Goto

Course Description

Geo-exploration principles, data acquisition, data processing, and interpretation methodologies for earth's surface down to deep are explained in this lecture. Applications of such geo-exploration technologies are introduced in terms of energy, earth resources, geo-environment, geotechniques, civil engineering areas.


Merit rating based on the result of paper-test. The attendance to a series of lectures is considered for the final rating (Attendance was rated 40% of the final in 2012). Each lecturer will their policy during the lectures.

Course Goals

The final goal of the lectures is to deepen the understanding of geoelectromagnetics, seismology, geochemistry, and petrophysics that are used in geo-exploration.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Geoelectromagnetics and geo-exploration 5 Geoelectromagnetic exploration technologies will be explained. The understanding of the fundamentals of survey methods and targeted physical properties with their physical meanings are the major objective of the lectures.
Seismology and geo-exploration 6 The fundamental theories of seismology with application to geo-exploration are given. The understanding of physical meaning of parameters derived from seismological methods are aimed.
Geochemical exploration and remote sensing 3 Geochemical properties of earth's crust, mantle and core, and the fundamentals of geochemical measurements for the exploration of metal mines and energy resources are given first. Then the interactions between materials and electromagnetic waves, the fundamental principle of optical sensors and synthetic aperture radars, data processing of remote sensing images, topographic interpretation, resources exploration, and geoenvironmental modeling are briefly explained.
Performance evaluation 1 The understanding of enrolled students is checked.


No textbook particular.


K. Sassa, Y. Ashida, and T. Sugano, itGeo-exploration for construction and disaster mitigation engineers, Morikita Publ.,
Japan Remote Sensing Society, itRemote sensing for beginners, Rikoh Publ., .


Physics, chemistry of the level of the general education of universities.

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Additional Information

Merit rating policies are explained by every lecturer.