Course Title : Structural Mechanics II and Exercises

Code 31640
Course Year 3rd year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period
Credits 3
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s)
Language Japanese

Course Description

Fundamentals of structural analysis based on energy principle
Principle of virtual work and some energy principles for structural analysis
Approaches for study of statically indeterminate structures
Fundamentals of elastic stability
Fundamentals of structural analysis by matrix methods


Grade is given based on the final examination, mid-term examination and reports.

Course Goals

To solve structures such as truss and beam by the principle of virtual work/energy principles
To solve statically indeterminate structures by force method and displacement method
To understand the stability of equilibrium
to get the stiffness matrix of simple trusses

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Work, energy and virtual work 13 Introduction
Work, virtual work and energy
Castigliano’s theorems and principle of minimum potential energy
Virtual work and complementary virtual work
Principle of virtual work (virtual displacement)
Principle of complementary virtual work(virtual force)
Reciprocal theorems
Static determinate and indeterminate 1 Degree of freedom and degree of indeterminacy
Solutions to statically indeterminate structures 6 Introduction of force method and displacement method
By equations of elasticity
By displacement method
Structural stability 3 Stability criteria
Deformation of rigid body-elastic spring system
Deformation of elastic beam- column system
Basis of matrix method of structural analysis 4 Matrix adapted to equilibrium equations/displacement conditions
Analysis of plane truss
Structral analysis engineer's ethics 1 Examples on structral analysis engineer's ethics related to safety of structure analyses such as application scope, precision of analysis and reliability of structural analysis
Confirmation of the attainment level of learning 2 Confirm the attainment level of learning


To be informed by individual lecturer in charge in his/her first lecture


M. Matsumoto, E. Watanabe, H. Shirato, K. Sugiura, A. Igarashi, T. Utsunomiya, Y. Takahashi: Structure mechanicsⅡ, Maruzen Ltd.


calculus A and B, Linear Algebra A and B, Structure mechanicsⅠand Exercises

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