Course Title : Rock Engineering

Code 31750
Course Year 3rd year
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Ohtsu, Kishida

Course Description

Design and construction technology of rock structure (Underground cavern, tunnel, rock slope, etc.), geology, mechanical properties of rock and rock fracture, laboratory tests and field measurements of rock and rock mass are introduced and lectured. Design exercise of rock structure is also introduced.


Evaluation is decided overall as 35% first examination, 45% final examination and 20% of reports and subjects.

Course Goals

Understanding of mechanical and hadrualic behavior of discontinuity planes which rock masses especially posses. Also, acquiring basic knowledge of design and construction of rock structures through design.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction of Rock Engineering and Underground Space Techonology 1 Introduction of real examples and problems in rock engineering field in relation to rock and civil engineering, disaster prevention, energy and environmental areas. Also, outline of underground space technology which includes the benifit of underground space for human being, effective underground space utilization, etc., will be described.
Geology and Rock Engineering 2 Basic knowledge of geology required to study rock engineering will be explained. Deeper understanding of minerals and rocks, their compositions, geological structures and geological features, etc. will be made.
Mechanical propeties of rock and rock masses 2 Understanding to strength and deformation characteristics of rock, experimental methods to determine those characteristics and method of interpreting the experimental results. Also, difference between rock and rock masses, non-homogeneity, anisotropy and scale effects will be explained.
Classification and and identification of discontinuity (rock fracture) 2 Explaination of mechanical and hydraulic charactersics of discontinuity planes such as fault, joint, etc. and understanding the modelling of crack network .Also, understanding of stereographic projection of notation used for three dimensionaly distributed discontinuity planes.
Hydraulics in rocks and groundwater investigation 1 Methods of understanding the behavior of underground water that flows through the rockbeds, their analysis methods and environmental problems related with it will be explained.
Methods of investigation and testing of rock masses 3 Introduction of ground investigation methods such as geological survery, load test and borehole test of rock masses, geophysical exploration, intial stresses, etc. which are carried out for the design and construction of rock structures will be introduced. Understanding of principles of those methods, interpretation of data measured and the proper use of those data will also be explained.
Application of Rock Mechnicas in Engineering for Underground Opening, Rock Slop, Tunneling and Foundation 3 Explaination of methodolgy and the problems for the construction of structures on the bedrocks such as foundation of dams and bridges and slopes is made. Also, methods of constrution of tunnels in the mountain region and representative shield method for tunneling at city area are also explained. Simple design exercises and special lecture from experienced person
Confirmation of understanding 1 Students are examined on the understanding of this subjet through a paper test.



Society of Materials Science, Japan: Rock Mechanics


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