Course Title : Construction Materials

Code 35130
Course Year 3rd year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period Monday・2
Location Kyoutsuu4
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor An

Course Description

Knowledge and techniques to use construction materials, especially on concrete material, are introduced on micro-, meso- until macro-scale.


Reports and Final examination.

Course Goals

The students are expected to understand the microstructure, properties, production and testing methods of concrete, steel, composite materials etc employed in civil engineering

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
introduction 1 Classification of materials, history of construction materials, ethics for civil engineers and current topics
crystal structure 1 Bond between atoms, ideal strength, dislocation, yield, and mechanical properties are introduced
Metallic material 1 Mechanical properties of metals, steel, phase diagrams, Dislocations and metallic new materials
Corrosion & protection 1 durability, corrosion, deterioration mechanism, carbonation, chloride induced corrosion and corrosion protection
Cement 1 Types of cements, chemical composition, chemical compound, hydration, hydration heat and blended cement
admixtures 1 Chemical admixture, water-reducing admixture, air-entraining admixture, mineral admixture, pozzolanic reaction, latent hydraulic property and high-range admixture are introduced.
aggregate 1 Moisture condition, Chloride ion, Total chloride ion content, alkali-silica reaction and total alkali content
fresh concrete 1 Workability, rheology, consistency, segregation and mix design
hardened concrete 1 water cement ratio, compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, durability and testing methods
mechanical properties of concrete 1 Interfacial transition zone in concrete,strength-porosity relationship,Behavior of concrete under various stress states,Dimensional Stability,
Non-destructive testing method 1 Surface hardness, ultrasonic pulse, thermography, half cell potential and polarization resistance
Special concrete 1 Fiber reinforced concrete, flowing concrete, MDF cement and mineral new materials
Polymer material 1 Resin, rubber, fiber, polymer concrete and organic new materials
review 1 review mainly on concrete and steel
achievement assesment 1 The achievement assessment is intended to measure students' knowledge, skill and aptitude on the subject using quiz.


P.Kumar Mehta, Paulo J.M.Monteiro:Concrete microstructure, properties and materials, McGraw-Hill,2006 
William D. Callister, Jr. David G. Rethwisch:Materials science and engineering an Introduction, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,2010




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