Course Title : Hydraulics and Hydrodynamics

Code 35160
Course Year 3rd year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period Tuesday・2
Location Kyoutsuu2
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor Toda, Nakakita, Sanjo

Course Description

Lecture of fundamental theories of fluid dynamics and applications to hydraulic engineerging Basic equations, potential flow theory, boundary layer theory and turbulent flow Introduction of basic modelings about fluid motion and heat transfer in atmosphere related to hydrology and meteorology


Attendance, reports and final examination

Course Goals

Learning elementary knowledge of hydraulics and important topics of hydrodynamics science

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Open channel flow (1) 1 Basic equations of non-uniform flow, longitudinal profile
Open channel flow (2) 1 Non-uniform flow computation
Unsteady pipe flow 1 Basic equations of unsteady pipe flow, application to water hummer phenomenon and surge tank
Unsteady open-channel flow 1 Basic equations of unsteady open-channel flow,theories of flood flow and hydraulic bore
Introduction of fluid dynamics (1) 1 Boundary theory and application to hydraulic engineering
Introduction of fluid dynamics (2) 1 Primer of turbulence theory and application to hydraulic engineering
pplied hydraulics (1) 1 Seepage flow and its analysis
Applied hydraulics (2) 1 Fundamentals of sediment transport
Applied hydraulics (3) 1 Sediment related topics of rivers
Hydrometeorology (1) 1 Introduction to hydrometeorology
Hydrometeorology (2) 1 Thermodynamics of atmosphere, Dry-adiabatic process
Hydrometeorology (3) 1 Vertical stability of atmosphere for infinitesimal displacement
Hydrometeorology (4) 1 Moisture in atmosphere, Moist-adiabatic process
Hydrometeorology (5) 1 Latent instability, Land surface process of atmosphere
Achievement confirmation 1 Achievement of learning is confirmed.




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