Course Title : Urban and Regional Planning

Code 35260
Course Year 3rd year
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Monday・4
Location Kyoutsuu4
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor Qureshi

Course Description

Outlines of the processes of urban planning, planning of urban facilities, land use policies and transportation policy. In addition, the basic theory and models of land use, transportation, environment protection and urban economics will be discussed.


Class participation, quiz and end of term examination.

Course Goals

To understand the structure of urban problems and to learn the basics of urban planning.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning 1 Concept and problems of urban and regional areas, need and social background of planning. Particularly factors affecting the future of cities such as the internationalization, aging and environmental issues will be described.
Histroy of Urban Planning in Japan 2 Historical background of urban planning in pre-war Japan.
Basics of Urban Planning Policy 1 Basic concepts of urban planning, domain of urban planning, urbanization, regulations and basic zoning measures.
Land-use Planning and District Planning 2 Outline of the contents and significance of land-use planning in planning regulations. Basic policies of urban development such as zoning, revamping of the central business district, other district planning methods as well as conservation of natural and historical environment of the city.
Environmental Issues and Urban Systems 2 Environmental issues, contemporary challenges and planning requirements of regional and urban environment from the environmental economics point of view. Basic concepts of the underlying theory of external diseconomies.
Urban Models and Theory 2 Urban models such as population projection and migration models, economic circulation model, base model and land-use model
Urban Planning Institutions and Funding Resources 2 Basic theory of social cost-benefit analysis considering urban planning institutions and funding resources
Urban Transport Policy 2 Urban transport policies will be explained from the perspective of urban development. In particular, the transport policies required to achieve a sustainable city with respect to environment and energy use.
Summary 1 Review of basic concepts, goals and objectives of the course.


Materials will be provided in the class from time to time.


Useful textbooks and material will be introduded during the lectures.



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Additional Information

Office hours will be allocated for students to consult the instructor and ask questions as needed.