Course Title : International Construction Management

Code 35330
Course Year 3rd year
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor Related Faculty members

Course Description

Construction indutstry currently has been facing drastical change due to the divertisifiing necessities of infrastructure development and the adoption of new procurement systems.
The change will require engineers to come to undestand the relatively new knowledge relating to project management consisting of evaluation, classification and decision making.
From such a viewpoints, this subject is aimed to provide the interdiciplinary knowledge associated with basic concepts of international construction project management.


Final Exam: 70-80%, Reports during classes: 20-30%

Course Goals

To understand basic concept of international construction management.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction of project management 1 General concept, Classificationof viewpoints of management.
Index of decision-making on projects 1 Cost benefit analysis, Other relevant theory of dicision making.
Components 1 Basic concept of project management, Components of Project management.
Outlines of project risk management 1 Basic concept of project risk management, Components of project risk management.
Contract administration 1 Basic concept of contract, current issue of contract in the interanational project, Component of of contract management.
Mathematic background of theory on decision-making 2 Excel based stochastic and probrabilistic analysis.
Outlines of Official Development Assistance(ODA) 3 Introduction, ODA loan and TA, Bilateral aid and Japanese ODA, Multilateral aid and Japanese ODA, Significance of improving cross border infrastructure, and role of international public servant.
Outlines of international project 2 Introduction, Current issues of Infra project finance, Case studies of private financed infra project.
Summary 1 Discussion, Summary.






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