Mechanical Engineering and Science

Mechanical engineering focuses on a broad spectrum of physical systems̶from the microscopic to the macroscopic̶in order to develop technologies that benefit people in areas related to production systems,energy, the environment, lifestyles, life, living organisms, and medicine. The foundational disciplines are the mechanics of materials, heat, and fluids, as well as solid state physics, mechanical dynamics, vibration engineering, and control engineering. The foundation further requires the application of engineering concepts related to the design, manufacturing, evaluation, diagnosis, and control of mechanical systems and their elements. The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science conducts research and educates students based on these concepts from a far-reaching perspective that aims for the symbiosis of people and nature. This department also aims to equip engineers and researchers with the ability to define and develop solutions to challenging problems as well as the  leadership skills and adaptability to meet the requirements and expectations of society industry and academia.

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