Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

The philosophy of the Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry is to create an interdisciplinary field of synthetic chemistry, or the study of creating a variety of substances and functions, as well as biological chemistry, which clarifies and uses biological functions. We use a close  collaboration to establish a highly creative field of chemistry that is comprehensive and precise. The goal of the Chair of Synthetic Chemistry and Chair of Organic System Design is to illuminate the fundamentals and applications of material conversion aimed at efficient synthesis, the functions of inorganic and organic complex molecular assembly systems, and the correlation between the structure of molecules and molecular aggregates as well as their reactivity and physical properties. The goal of the Chair of Biological Chemistry is to understand and control biological phenomena at the molecular level within various hierarchies, such as molecules, systems, cells, and organisms  (individuals), as well as to use biological functions and biomaterials to create substances with novel functionality.

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