Entrance exams

Entrance Exams for the Graduate School of Engineering

Successful Applicants' Examination Numbers

2017 Master's Course Program (For International Applicants) PDF File

2017 Doctoral Course Program  (Second Recruitment)PDF File

2017 Doctoral Course Program (October 2017 Admission)PDF File

(OPEN 10:00 am, 22 February 2017)

Admission procedure


Application Guidelines

Applicants should obtain a booklet of application guidelines.

※ Refer to "Notice" below



Request for Application Guidelines (Booklet)

Request for Application Guidelines (Booklet)

Applicants who have Graduated or expects to graduate from a university in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan

Those who have graduated from a university in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, and wish to enrol in Kyoto University as a research, master's or doctoral student, are required to contact the Admissions Assistance Office (AAO) for a preliminary screening before eligibility confirmation and submitting their application documents to the graduate school of Engineering.  For futher details

毕业于中国大陆、香港及台湾的大学生,希望报读京都大学的研修生或研究生时,在办理希望报读的研究科或研究所等申请手续之前,需要办理京都大学招生服务办公室(Admissions Assistance Office, AAO)的相关手续。详情请查看下述内容。 

畢業自中國大陸、香港、台灣的大學,希望以研究生或碩士班(博士班)學生的身分進入京都大學就讀者,向志願系所提出申請前,需向招生服務辦公室(Admissions Assistance Office, AAO)進行查核程序,詳情如下。 

Entrance Exams

For detailed information about entrance exams, please see the web sites of each graduate school department.

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