Request Photocopies (Interlibrary/Intercampus)

If the material you need is not held by the nearby Kyoto University (KU) libraries, and e-journals and e-books are not available, you can request photocopies from other KU campuses or other institutions through KULINE.

In principle, this service is charged.※1

For those who belong to the Graduate School of Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, or Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry: If you pay with private expense, the Main Library will handle your requests※2; if you pay with public expense (laboratory budget), Katsura Library, The North Library or The South Library will handle your requests※3,4.
For those who belong to other departments: Please check the information of each department's library.

How to Apply

  • When you search on KULINE and find holdings at KU libraries:
    • Click on the "Copy" button.
  • When you search on KULINE "OtherUniv Search" and find holdings at other institutions:
    • Click on "ILL" on the left side menu. 
  • When you cannot find holdings on KULINE/KULINE "OtherUniv Search": 
    1. Click on the "User Service" tab at the top of the page.
    2. Apply from "InterLibraryLoan/Photocopy Request".

Request Photocopies with Public Expense (Laboratory Budget)

Please submit "Application Form for Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan at Public Expense" [PDF] to the counter at the first time. (A signature or seal of the person responsible for the budget is required.)

Costs/Delivery Estimates

Cost Delivery Estimate


(Other KU campuses)

Black & white: 10-20 yen/page
Color: 60 yen or more/page
2-3 days


(Other institutions)

Black & white: 35-60 yen/page
Color: 100 yen or more/page
+postage, etc.
1 week

eDDS (Electronic Document Delivery Service)

eDDS allows users to read copies (PDF) sent from KU libraries on computers, smartphones, etc. connected to the campus network environment.
Only requests with public expense are accepted.

  • You can view the PDF for two weeks.
  • To comply with Copyright Law, you cannot save PDFs to a computer or other device.
  • Only one copy can be printed.
  • Redistribution of PDFs or printed materials to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  • For information on how to connect to the campus network from off-campus, please refer to the website of the Institute for Information Management and Communication.


  • (※1) Free of charge only when you request a photocopy from Katsura Library, The North Library, or The South Library via eDDS.
    • Since it takes time to process a large number of requests at one time, which may affect other users' requests, we limit eDDS requests to three per person per day. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • (※2) If you apply with private expense, you cannot request photocopies from libraries on Yoshida Campus, which is the same as the Main Library.
  • (※3) For those who belong to the Division of Informatics and Mathematical Science: If you pay with public expense, the Graduate School of Informatics Library will handle your requests.
  • (※4) For those who belong to Cooperating Chairs of Uji Campus or Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science: If you wish to change the library that handles your request, please contact the library where you wish to change.
  • You can request photocopies only within Copyright Law.
    • 【Journals】: Journals that have been published for a certain period after publication (The next issue has been already published or three months have passed since the publication) may be photocopied. 
    • 【Books】: Only a part of an entire book may be photocopied. For collected papers written by multiple authors, less than half of each article may be photocopied. ※In principle, full-page photocopies of books are not allowed.
    • Photocopying is permitted only for research purposes, and only one photocopy can be made per person. Regardless of whether or not compensation is received, recopying or distribution of photocopies is prohibited.