Interlibrary Loan – Book request (from outside)

(last modified April 7, 2020)

It is possible to order a book which is not held by Kyoto University from other universities.

You will need to pay the postage charge to and from Kyoto University.

The length of the loan will depend on which library possesses the book.

Persons enrolled at Yoshida Campus


Please apply to your affiliated library if you are paying at public expense, or apply to The University Library (Main Library) if you are paying at personal expense.

Persons enrolled at Katsura Campus

Please apply through the MyKULINE system or apply at Katsura Library.

This procedure can only be done at public expense (using laboratory expenses).

People paying at personal expense should apply to the University Library (Main Library). In this case, please accept the book at the University Library and return it there.