Reserve/Request/Place Holds

  1. Reserve Books Currently on Loan
  2. Request Books from Other Campus
  3. Place Holds on Books Not on Loan

All three services listed above can be applied through "Reserve" button on KULINE.
For more details, please refer to the following content.


  • Journals are not eligible for these three services in principle.
  • "Reserve" button will not be displayed for books whose "Status" column in the KULINE holdings information is "Lab".
    These books are held in laboratories. If you wish to use these books, please inquire at the counter or e-mail address of each library.
    • After contacting the laboratory, we will inform you if the books are available or not.  If other Kyoto University (KU) libraries hold the book you are looking for, please use them.

1.Reserve Books Currently on Loan

To reserve books that are currently on loan, click the "Reserve" button on KULINE, then select "Order Reservation".
We will inform you by email, etc. when the books are returned.

In principle, reserved books must be picked up at the holding library, but if the reserved book is from other campus library, you can pick it up at the nearby library. Please refer to the next section for details.

2.Request Books from Other Campus

You can request books from other campuses or remote areas and borrow them at a nearby library.
The holding library's rules are applied to the lending period and number of books.
※If you wish to request books from other institutions, please refer to "Interlibrary Loan".

After click the "Reserve" button on KULINE, select "Order Reservation" and choose your nearby library as the receiving counter.
We will inform you by email, etc. when the books are ready.

Inter-campus Return Service.png

3.Place Holds on Books Not on Loan

You can place holds on unloaned books held by Katsura Library, The North Library or The South Library.

After click the "Reserve" button on KULINE, select "Keep Order" and a list of materials will be displayed. Please select a book you wish to place a hold.
We will inform you by email, etc. when the books are ready.

Additional Information

  • Materials in The South Library Stack Room must be checked out by staff. If you wish to use them, please place holds in advance so that  you can receive them smoothly.
  • What you can do with the "Keep Order" feature varies with the library.
    • Placing holds on unloaned books: Katsura Library, Eng. North, Eng. South, Economics, Uji Library
    • Book delivery service: Main Library, Yoshida-South Library
      KU members who live outside Kyoto City