National Diet Library Digitized Contents Transmission Service

This service allows users to browse and print digitized materials from the National Diet Library, Japan (NDL) that are difficult to obtain for reasons such as being out of print, through the internet.
Materials provided by this service can be searched on National Diet Library Digital Collections and KULINE.

Service for Individuals

The service is available to residents in Japan using their own PCs, tablets, etc. by registering as a user of NDL and agreeing to the Terms of Use.
Please check the NDL website for details.

Service at Katsura Library

Katsura Library provides the environment to use the NDL digitized contents transmission service. This service is available to students, faculty, staff, and professors emeriti of Kyoto University.
If you have not completed NDL user registration, please inquire at the information desk. 


Katsura Library information desk on 2nd floor(One dedicated terminal available

Service Hours

Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 9:00 am-4:45 pm    ※Reception hours are until 4:30 pm.

Those who can use this service

  • Browsing: students, faculty, staff, and professors emeriti of Kyoto University (Alumni and non-KU users cannot use this service) 
  • Printing: Those who can use public expense of the Faculty of Engineering or Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry

Available Materials

How to Use


Please fill out the application form  [Word] at the counter and show your student ID/authentication IC card/library card.
You can use the service after a staff member logs in with a dedicated terminal.


You can print materials indicated as "Available with Digitized Contents Transmission Service" in compliance with copyright.

Only public expenses of the Faculty of Engineering or Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry are available. If you wish to print at private expense, please use the service for individuals.

  • Printing charge: 5 yen/black and white page, 10 yen/color page
  • If you have not registered public expenses, please submit the "Application Form for Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan at Public Expense"[PDF] in advance.
  • We can only give you copies in paper form. Digital images cannot be downloaded, saved, or captured with cameras or other devices.
  • Please fill in the required information (bibliographic information, frame number, etc.)  on the application form [Word] and apply for printing at the information desk.
  • You can apply through KULINE too.  The application procedure is the same as for "Request Photocopies (Interlibrary/Intercampus)". 
    • Be sure to enter "NDL the Digitized Contents Transmission Service", persistent ID, and frame number in the Notes field of the application form.
    • We will contact you by email when the copies are ready, so please come to Katsura Library to pick them up.