Group Study Rooms

The Group Study Rooms Currently used separately to prevent COVID-19

Katsura Library has rooms which can be used for group study and discussion. group.jpg

The Group Study Room has a movable wall and can be divided into a maximum of 6 rooms(Room 1A,1B,2A,2B,3A,3B).



Use restrictions to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

For the time being, the following measures will be implemented to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

 *As there are many users who want to use it, we will change the usage so that as many people as possible can use it.

  • Available time: Weekdays 9: 00 -20: 45 (Reservations available are until 20: 30)
    * March, September until 16: 45
  • Purpose of Use: To take a speech lecture or an online meeting.
    ※ If you only want to listen, please use the reading room or Research Commons and Open Lab .
  • Limited to Kyoto University members.
  • Reservation requiredOne room is for one person per room and each person can use it up to 90 minutes. We will keep your card temporarily and lend you the key in exchange.
  • Hours of use: 1 time, up to 90 minutes in principle. (If there is no person who has the next reservation, you can extend the time by asking at the Information desk) The reservation time is by class time. However, the first period is from 9 o'clock, the opening time.
  • If you wish to use it for more than 90 minutes, or if you wish to use it at a different time than the class time, please enter the desired time and purpose of use in the remarks column. We will make a reservation according to the usage situation. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the reservation status.
  • Wireless LAN (Kuins-Air) is available. Power outlets and extension cords are available in each room.
  • Please turn off the PC speaker and use the earphone.
  • We have disinfectant goods, so please wipe your desk before using it.
  • After use, please turn the circulator and leave the door open for ventilation.
    To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, it will be temporarily closed for ventilation and disinfection for 15 minutes after use.

    Please apply through the form below(If you apply for today's use after 17:00, we accept it only at the Information desk).

    Katsura Library Group Study Room Reservation Application Form(KU member Only)

    • We will contact you at your email address only if you cannot use it. 
      We will not send you a confirmation email. Please come to the counter at the appointed time.
    • If you would like to cancel your reservation, please email us at the following address.

    Please refer to the following for the reservation status.

    Reservation in November and December 2022