[E-Resource]New eBooks: Springer eBooks in Chemistry and Materials Science 2016 (370 titles)

Springer eBooks in Chemistry and Materials Science 2016

Titles in Chemistry and Materials Science eBooks Collection 2016 provided by Springer Nature have become available.
Now, you can access this collection published from 2009 to 2012, and 2016.

New Titles (370 titles)

See the list on KULINE (tagged : Springer eBooks - Chemistry and Materials Science 2016(理工2018)).
Popular book series are also available in this ebook collection


Springer eBooks Collection available at Kyoto University

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How to use

It is available both on-campus network (e.g. KUINS-Air) and off-campus (via KUINS-VPN remote access service,e.g. IKEv2). [ECS-ID/SPS-ID required]
Ref. How to use e-journals / databases via KUINS-VPN remote access service

We purchased it as Special Collection in academic year 2018.

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