Faculty of Engineering Libraries in Yoshida : You can borrow books in long term.

Faculty of Engineering Libraries in Yoshida will be closed from February to March in order to prepare for the move to Katsura library.

Faculty of Engineering Libraries in Yoshida will be closed and stop Inter-campus Delivery Service

Therefore, you can borrow books in long term at Faculty of Engineering Libraries in Yoshida.
We appreciate your cooperation.


  • Libraries : 5 libraries in Yoshida 
                   *You can receive only at Library of Architecture.
  • Due Date : April 12 (Mon.)
  • Borrowing : 10 volumes,
                      always excepting Student laboratory books 
    of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Library
  • Materials : Books that are due on or after February 9 when rented out normally
  • Start Date : Depend on the library and your status

  Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  Library of Physics    
      Library of Global Engineering,
          January 26, 2021

  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Library
         General books,   January 12, 2021
         Student laboratory books,   February 2, 2021

     Library of Architecture
         If your loan terms are one month,   January 12, 2021
         If your loan terms are two weeks,   January 26, 2021

*If the number of books and the rental period you can borrow exceed the above, the original rules will apply.  

  • Note 1 : You can't renew books which you borrowed in long term.
  • Note 2 : If your library card expires before April 1, due date is the expiration date.

E-mail:090stosho [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp


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