How to Use the Paper Search System of AIJ

You can use the institutional subscription plan of the Paper Search System of the Architectural Institute of JapanBy registering as a user, you can view the PDFs for free from the university network.

1. How to use

  1. You need to register as a Web-registered user on the campus network in advance. (If you are already a member of the Architectural Institute of Japan, you do not have to register on the web.)
  2. Access the Paper Search System of the Architectural Institute of Japan on the campus network, and log in by your own account from "Sign In".
  3. Search a paper and click "Download" on the search results page to view the full text of the paper as PDF files.

2. Range

  • Journal of Architecture and Building Science: 1887 ~ One year after publication
  • Transaction: 1936 ~ latest issue
  • Technology and Design: 1995 ~ latest issue
  • Conference Proceedings: 1966 ~ One year after publication
  • Chapter Proceedings: 1962 ~ One year after publication
  • Selected Architectural Design: 2009 ~ One year after publication
  • English Journal: 2002 ~ 2008
  • General Journal: 2003 ~ 2012
  • Journal of Structural Engineering. B: 1985 ~ One year after publication
  • Informatics (Computer) Symposium: 1979 ~ One year after publication

"Transaction" and "Technology and Design" are available for free on J-STAGE.

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