Reservation for Open Lab/Research Commons (events hosted by non-KU users)

Subscription period

Please apply 1 month before the scheduled date of use.

Reservation application method

Please submit the following necessary documents to Katsura Library.

Facility use fee

If you use it for an event of an organization other than our university, you need to pay the facility use fee.
Please contact us at the time of application for detailed procedures.

Unit price per one hour

Room Basic price(YEN) Heating and cooling expenses(YEN) Total(YEN)
Open Lab


501 3,003
Research Commons 4,169


Both of 2 Rooms 6,671 1,335 8,006
  • (Note 1) The above fees include the consumption tax equivalent.
  • (Note 2) Usage for less than one hour is calculated as one hour.
  • (Note 3) The above fees are subject to revision.


Kyoto University Katsura Library