To enter the basement stack rooms

Those who want to use materials in the basement stack rooms (Stacks 2-5) of Katsura Library can enter there by yourself.

Available Time

  • Until 30 minutes before closing time of the Library (Reception time is 45 minutes before closing time)

Who can enter

  • Kyoto University Members

Target materials

  • Materials that are labeled as "Stack 2" to "Stack 5" in KULINE

How to use

  • If you want to enter the basement stack rooms, please come to the Information desk (No reservation required). We will keep your ID card and give you a card for entering the stack rooms.


  • You can bring only valuables, writing utensils, laptops, tablets and smartphones into the stack rooms. You must leave all other luggage in the locker with locks next to the Information desk.

  • In the basement stack rooms, please search materials from your own laptop, tablet, or smartphone in the area where you can connect to KUINS-Air installed in "Stack 3".
  • When you take materials out of the basement stack rooms, even if you want to browse inside the library, you are required to check out materials at the information desk.
  • If there is a large number of users, you may be asked to wait for a while.
  • Non-Kyoto University Members cannot enter the basement stack rooms. If you want to use materials, please contact library staff.