Theater Room


Theater Room is an area for viewing video materials on the 1st floor of Katsura Library (reservation required).
The room is soundproofed and equipped with a 4K-compatible 85 inch TV for Blu-ray or DVD viewing.
 In addition to materials owned by Katsura Library, you can also bring in your own video materials for viewing.



9:00 am - 8:50 pm on weekdays (available until 10 minutes before closing)

*In March and September, Katsura Library closes at 5:00 pm, so Theater Room is available until 4:50 pm.

Who can use Limited to Kyoto University users

Up to 6 people

Equipment - 4K-compatible 85 inch TV
- Blu-ray/DVD Player
Wireless LAN (KUINS-Air) is available. Power outlets and extension cords are also available.
Materials Materials owned by Katsura Library: Please check out at the information desk. (Title list)
Bringing materials: Please enter the title of the materials in the "memo" field when you make a reservation.

How to Reserve

  1. Access KULINE > "Room Reservation".
    Select "Katsura" in the "Library" pull-down to narrow your search to facilities at the Katsura Library.
  2. Check the availability of "Katsura Library Theater Room" in the facility reservations and click on the time slot you wish to reserve.
    Room reservations can be made for a maximum of 2 hours at a time, and up to two reservations can be made at the same time (reservations can be made 30 days in advance).
  3. When asked to log in to MyKULINE, use your ECS-ID (Accounts for Students) or SPS-ID (Accounts for Faculty and Staff).
  4. On the "Room Reservation Entry", enter the "time" (selectable in 10-minute increments), "purpose", and "number of persons".
    If you have materials to bring, please write the title in the "memo" section.
  5. Click [Continue], and confirm the details. If all is well, click "To apply".
  6. You will receive an acceptance email.
  7. On the day and time of use, please come to the Information Desk on the 2nd floor of Katsura Library. You will receive a key in exchange for your Student/Faculty/Staff/Library card.

To change or cancel a reservation, please go to KULINE > "Room Reservation".


  • If the use of the room does not start 30 minutes after the reserved start time without prior notice, the reservation will be canceled.
  • Room reservations can be made for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. If you would like to extend the use, please make another reservation (up to 2 reservations can be made at the same time).
  • After use, please turn on the circulator and leave the door open for ventilation.


Katsura Library
Email: 090stosho [at]