The Katsura Library Virtual Tour

3D View

The Katsura Library Virtual Tour is the online space reproduced in 3D.
(photo taken: May, 2021 and January 2022)
You can access it through your own PC and smartphone, and learn how to use Katsura Library.


How to use the virtual tour

  • Please enter from the above button, and click [(▶) Explore 3D Space].
  • You can move by clicking or touching the place to want to go.
  • You can rotate the view by dragging or swiping.
  • The following icons mean:
    icon: Play plays the highlights.
    icon: Explore switches to the inside view. (explore mode)
    icon: dollhouse switches to the outside view.
    icon: Floorplan switches to the floor plan view.
    icon: Floor Selector selects the floors. (Floor 2 / Floor 1 / All)
    icon: Measurement measures the distance between any two points.
    icon: VR is not available. (VR mode)
    icon: Tag displays the information about the points.
    icon: 360-degree switches to the 360-degree images.
    icon: return to Explore returns from 360-degree images to the explore mode.
  • Clicking the small map in the upper-right corner, it expands and shows your current location.