The policy on the openg hours and closure of Katsura Lniibrary in the case of a typhoon.


The temporary closure and reopening of the Katsura Library will be handled as follows to ensure the safety of students in the event of a special warning or a storm warning being issued or the suspension of public transportation services.

If it is decided that the library will be temporarily closed, we will inform you on the Katsura Library website, so please check there.

1.Temporary closing

The Katsura Library is temporarily closed when any of (1) to (5) below applies.

(1)If an emergency warning or a storm warning has been issued before 6:30, we will NOT open the library.

(2)When Kyoto City Bus, Yasaka Bus and Keihan Kyoto Kotsu Bus in the Katsura area are fully suspended.

(3)When any three or more modes of transportation (JR West, Hankyu Line, Keihan Line, Kintetsu Line and Kyoto Subwey Line) are completely or partially suspended.

(4)If, after the opening of the library, an emergency warning or storm warning is issued in the area mentioned in (1) above, and the warning is expected to be lifted at or after 17:00.

(5)At the discretion of the chief librarian, the deputy director in charge of Katsura Campus or the director in charge of the library.

2.Reopening of the library after temporary closure

After the temporary closing, Katsura Library reopens as follows.

(1)The library opens 1 hour and 30 minutes after the emergency warning or storm warning is lifted or transportation services are resumed. However, if the staff is not able to come to work, the library will open as soon as the staff arrives at the library and is ready for opening.

(2)The library does not open after 5 PM.

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