New SciFinder Platform and URL

SciFinder has been upgraded to SciFinder-n which provides a variety of different sources of chemical information.
Get actionable scientific information faster with enhanced search capabilities and a streamlined new interface.

How to access SciFinder-n

The URL has been renewed as follws.

*Make a bookmark of SciFinder-n after login.

Username (Login ID) and Password

  1. Already have a SciFinder account
    : You can use your current SciFinder username and password.
  2. Do not have a SciFinder account
    : You need to register from here(on campus only).

What's new on SciFinder-n

Migration of Saved Results and Alerts

You can migrate saved results and alerts from SciFinder to SciFinder-n.
Please complete the migration before we fully transition to the new SciFinder-n platform.
*The end of support of SciFinder is not expected before 2021. We will inform when the specific schedule is decided.

#How to migrate#
Click "Saved" in the upper right corner of SciFinder-n top menu, then click "Migrate Alerts & Saved Results".
*SciFinder-n cannot read ".akx" format.
If you save answer sets in ".akx" format, get them first from the current SciFinder before doing above.

Getting Started with SciFinder-n

Various kinds of on-demand SciFinder-n training resources are available on the website of CAS.
Use the link below to access.

SciFinder-n online workshops(24 SEP - 28 OCT)

SciFinder-n workshops are offered online from 24 Sep. to 28 Oct.(fee free)
All workshops are presented in Japanese.

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