[Lecture] How to use ScienceDirect / Scopus / Mendeley (Apr. 26-27)

Elsevier will hold a webinar on how to use ScienceDirect, Scopus, and Mendeley.
If you are using these services or are planning to use them in the future, let's join us.
*Pre-registration is required to attend.
*This lecture is presented in Japanese.

  • List of seminars
    • Basic lecture for using ScienceDirect
    • Introduction to Scopus -Overview and basic operation-
    • Introduction to Mendeley -Collection, organization, utilization and sharing of document information-
  • Target : Young researchers and students
  • Speaker : Mayumi Takimoto from Elsevier Japan

Basic lecture for using ScienceDirect


  • Date & Time : 15:00-16:00 Apr. 26 (Tue), 2022
  • Main Topics :
    1. What is ScienceDirect?
    2. Differences from other databases
    3. Basic search methods
    4. Check the documents you can browse
    5. Check definitions of technical terms (Introduction to topic pages)
    6. Use personal functions
    7. How to check recommended articles

Introduction to Scopus -Overview and basic operation-


  • Date & Time : 16:30-17:30 Apr. 26 (Tue), 2022
  • Main Topics :
    1. What is Scopus? (Differences from other databases, GoogleScholar/PubMed)
    2. Introduction to document search (Basic search flow/search for high-impact articles, etc.)
    3. Introduction to author search
    4. Introduction to journal search (Journal rating index)
    5. Introduction of personal functions

Introduction to Mendeley -Collection, organization, utilization and sharing of document information-


  • Date & Time : 15:00-16:00 Apr. 27 (Wed), 2022
  • Main Topics :
    1. Overview of Mendeley products (Introduction of Mendeley Web, Mendeley Reference Manager, Mendeley Cite, and Mendeley Web Importer)
    2. Collect document information (Mendeley Web Importer)
    3. Organize document information (Mendeley Web, Mendeley Reference Manager)
    4. Utilize of document information (Mendeley Cite)

    5. Share document information


Please watch the following video in advance to learn how to install and operate Mendeley, and complete the setup. (The setup session is about 30 minutes, the first half of the video.)
Mendeley Webinar -The setup session (video)

*If you are in trouble about installation, please refer to the following link .

ーMendeley Support Center ー
ーIf you can't install Web Importerー
ーIf you can't install Mendeley Citeー


Katsura Library
TEL: 075-383-2344 (15-2344)
Email: 090stosho [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp


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