[Lecture] SciFinder-n online lecture (For beginners) (May. 26)

We will provide the online lecture about the basic usage of SciFinder-n, inviting speaker from the provider, the Japan Association for International Chemical Information. The lecture is for beginners who use SciFinder-n for the first time or have just started using it. If you are interested in it, let's join us.

*This lecture is presented in Japanese.


    • Date & Time: 13:30-15:00 May. 26 (Thu), 2022 (90 minutes)

    • Speaker: Japan Association for International Chemical Information (SciFinder-n Provider)

    • TargetStudents, faculty, and staff of Kyoto University
    • PlaceZoom (online) *Pre-application [required].
    • Application
      Access URL will be informed after your application.


    • Please register by 17:00 one day before the lecture.
    • We will inform Access URL by the morning of May. 26.
    • We may not be able to respond to last-minute applications.
    • The lecture will be recorded and open to the member of Kyoto University afterward.
    • If you use SciFinder-n for the first time, you need to register (on-campus only) in advance.


    • Overview of CAS SciFinder-n
    • All search
    • Reference search
    • Substance search
    • Reaction search
    • How to save, etc.
    • Support guide

Textbook"CAS SciFinderⁿ Search Guide" PDF

What is SciFinder-n?

References published in more 50 languages are searchable in English. This tool contains a wide range of data including journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, substances, reaction information, and catalog information. You can look up comprehensive chemical and scientific information from multiple angles based on keywords, substance names, and structural formulas.


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