[Lecture] Don't stop with just papers! Patent Search on the Web of Science - Would you like to access curated patent data? - (Oct 26)

Clarivate will hold a webinar about Web of Science.
You can learn how to efficiently research and analyze patent information using the Web of Science.
If you are interested in it, let's join us.

Registered participants will receive a recorded version via email after the webinar.
Please consider pre-registering even if you can't make it on the day of the webinar.

*This lecture is presented in Japanese.


  • Date & Time : 14:00-15:00 Oct. 26 (Tue), 2022
  • Target : Researcher (Basic to Practical) / Research Administrator (URA)
                    Subscribers and those who will subscribe to DII (Derwent Innovations Index)
  • Platform: Cisco Webex Events
  • Participation fee: Free
  • Contents (Cited from Clarivate's website):
    Researchers use databases such as Web of Science to conduct research, but is it sufficient to just research papers?

    We have been providing patent content and services for a long time and are widely used in industry. Web of Science also has patent content that you can additionally subscribe to. This allows you to analyze the essence of patent information and search the DWPI (Derwent World Patents Index), which we have curated from the vast amount of information in patent gazettes by patent family with the same technical content, using our unique knowhow. So you can start searching for patents without any special knowledge. In addition, it also enables browsing using the citation relationship between articles and patents.

    We will also talk about the ease of use compared to free patent search tools and more advanced patent searches, and give you tips on how to deepen your prior research and technology searches, which are important for your research strategy.

    By combining information on articles and patents of different nature, you will be able to conduct more multifaceted searches and accelerate your research."


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