How to Make a Presentation

We introduce library services useful for making a presentation, such as how to find books effectively.

1. Search for the literature about your topic

First of all, let's collect information and organize your ideas on the topic for your presentation. Collecting previous studies will give you an overview of the research field, as well as help you learn what is important in the field and how to present it effectively.

Learn how to choose items

  • Search for the literature to which your professor referred in your class.
  • In addition, see the bibliography list in it.
  • Search on the KULINE by your research topic and related keywords.

For a more advanced search, see The Basics of Collecting Documents.

Searching  databases

You can search databases for electronic information and statistics as well as printed books. For example, past articles in newspapers retrieved from a newspaper database may be useful for your research.

2. Learn how to make a presentation

Learning how to make an effective presentation is the next step after organizing your ideas.

Kyoto University libraries have a lot of textbooks on presentation.
You need to learn what is an easy-to-understand structure and design before you start making presentation slides.

The evaluation of your presentation depends on how many listeners understand your talk. Be careful to draw the listener's attention and focus on the crucial point of your presentation.

Search for books

To search for books, use Kyoto University Library online catalog KULINE. The following tags are attached to books and e-books that are recommended to read before making a presentation. Find the books you need by searching these tags.

Refining by holding library, you can easily find the books which are at your frequently-used library or meet your needs.

For more information on how to use KULINE, please click here.

3. Practice

Now, you have good presentation slides. Let's try practicing aloud.

Did you check how long it takes?
Did you make sure it is not boring?
Did you try finding a way of keeping listeners' interests?
Did you make your slides for presenting your ideas rather than reading the script?

To improve your presentation, imagine the actual situation where you will be. Asking a friend to join the rehearsal will also be useful.

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