Learning Commons (The North/South Libraries)



The North/South Library Learning Commons opened in May 2022. The Learning Commons is a space for various learning activities such as self-study, group study, and discussion. Kyoto University members can use the space freely. The rooms are equipped with whiteboards and outlets and can be used for multiple purposes.

The North Library Learning Commons

  • Access: 4th floor, Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No 3 (Lecture Hall) [Route Map]
  • Number of seats: desks:48/chairs:55

The South Library Learning Commons

  • Access: 5th floor, Faculty of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg. [Route Map
  • Number of seats: desks:45/chairs:53

Use of the Learning Commons

Available Users

  • Kyoto University (KU) faculty/staff
  • KU graduate students
  • KU undergraduate students

-Non-KU users (including alumni) cannot use Learning Commons.

Opening Hours

Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 9:00 am-5:00 pm.

Drink Policy

  • You are allowed to bring your drinks, and all drinks must be in spill-resistant beverage containers. (e.g., water bottles, aluminum cans with screw lids, plastic bottles, etc.) Paper cups without lids and pull-tab cans are not allowed.
  • Eating is not allowed in the Learning Commons.

Other Notes

  • Library staff go the rounds regularly.
  • Please look after your valuables. Do not leave your bag with valuables in your seat.
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended for a long time to secure a seat. The number of seats is limited, so please use them appropriately.
  • Sanitizing products are available. Please wipe your desk etc. before use.
  • Please leave the room at closing time (5:00 pm). Please make sure that you have all your belongings with you.


The North Library
E-mail:090snorthlib [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp

The South Library
E-mail:090ssouthlib [at] mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp