Katsura Library Fund


What's Katsura Library?

  The Katsura Library will open on the Katsura Campus in the spring of 2020. It will be the first stand-alone library on the Katsura Campus, sharing university-wide functions that utilize the features of science and engineering.
  In addition to traditional library functions, this library will serve as a hub for collecting, storing, and sharing science and engineering materials, including plenty of electronic journals, and as a global innovation support base for the core of engineering, science, and technology at Kyoto University.

Purpose of Katsura Library Fund

  We have established this fund with high expectations to create and maintain a better environment for the Katsura Library as a place to make new discoveries and exchanges for those belonging to the Katsura Campus, including students who spend a lot of their time in their research labs.
  Utilizing this fund, we would like to further enrich campus life for students, faculty, staff, and researchers; construct an information base for the community and society; and promote innovation throughout the entire community with enriching science and engineering archives as well as the promotion of active open science activities.

Fund applications

  • Education and research support
      Establishing an environment for collaboration between students and researchers, such as a research commons*.
      Enriching reading materials (including electronic mediums).
    *Space where students and researchers can have free discussions
  • Environment improvement assistance
      Increasing our archive of valuable works, open-access book shelves, etc.
  • Young researcher assistance
      Providing assistance to young researchers who promote open science.

How to donate?


Payment can be made by credit card.

List of donors

  As a token of our gratitude, we list the names of donors on the website (except for donors who wish to remain anonymous).