【Katsura Library】Measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus from April 1, 2023

From April 1, 2023, the following measures will be taken to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus at the Katsura Library.

*For details, please refer to "[Katsura Library]The change of service measures to prevent spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)"


  • Wearing a mask is an individual decision. Staff will continue to wear masks.
  • Please continue to take infection prevention measures such as hand washing and hand sanitizing.
  • Please refrain from entering if you are not feeling well (Those with symptoms such as fever, cough, sneezing or malaise.).
  • We have items that you can disinfect yourself, so please use them before using the reading area.
  • Readings of student ID cards and IC identification cards performed at the counter on the second floor will not be required when leaving the building. Please read only when entering.
  • We will do away with the time limit for people outside the university (Includes alumni, retired faculty and staff). For more information, go to "Service Guide for non-KU users."

Check out, Return 

  • We will continue the "Place a Hold Service" for materials.
  • It is still possible to return items by mail or courier (with out-of-pocket shipping).

Copy of Library Materials

  • We will continue to provide free bibliographic copies of banned materials (Magazines, reference books, etc.) using the EDDS service for students on campus.

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